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In english: Leka – the exotic island community

The coastal landscape and nature of this community has great variations - from forests and mountains in Gutvik to small islands in Hortavær og Sklinna.
The harsh coastal climate combined with great variation in geology and land use has formed a landscape rich of specialities in flora and fauna.
The main island - Leka - has been inhabited for more than 10.000 years, and there are many proofs of it:

Solsemhula - a cave with wall paintings from the stone age.
Herlaugshaugen - the largest ship grave mound from the Viking age in Norway.
Skeisnesset - the nature trail leads you through an area of historical and cultural significance.

Leka is famous for it's red coloured mountains on the islands vest side, which is well visited by geologists.

Other exiting attractions are:
Lekamøya (The Leka Maiden) - a famous landmark and legend-figure at the main coastal fairway
Ørnerovet (The Eagle Robbery)
Leka local museum
Leka church
L'Enfant de la Patrie - a French privateer

Leka is an exceptional place for hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.


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